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Our Professional Video brands consist of Roland Pro AV, Calibre, Theatrixx, JVC, Chauvet Professional and Martin Lighting. As Trade Distributors of Professional Video equipment, we keep good stocks and offer competitive pricing on high-quality video switchers, switcher/scalers, PTZ cameras, video media players, video signal converters and LED display panels.

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Broadcast quality video and audio equipment for Corporate use.



Meeting Rooms

Enhance your in-house meetings and presentations with meeting room essentials from the likes of Sennheiser and Biamp to seamlessly mix the content from your cameras, microphones, media players and mobile devices into a broadcast-quality performance that will capture your audience.

Conference and Presentations

An extraordinary amount of work goes into building a successful business, so make sure that when you share your plans and achievements with the world, add complete reliability to your media playback with the xPressCue 4K Media Player from Theatrixx.

Streaming and Training

Harness the power of web-streaming to reach a wider audience than ever before. Streaming is a very important voice in businesses for product awareness, conversion and education and is a very effective tool for communication with stakeholders.

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Video and audio equipment for events, record and livestream with our range of rugged, robust and reliable video equipment, built for the road


Event Production

Production Switchers

Add versatility and professionalism to your events with Roland’s range of rugged, robust and reliable video switchers, build for the road.

Live Streaming

Stream your live event with built-in functionality throughout Roland AV Switchers to reach a wider audience and potentially bring in some extra revenue from your client.

PTZ Cameras

Never miss a moment with JVC's range of PTZ cameras, feature-packed to ensure reliable video capture across your live events. Paired with Roland’s VISCA protocol lets you control your PTZ cameras and re-call several different position settings directly from the switcher, saving you set up time and cost on additional control equipment.

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Distance learning has become an integral part of schooling. Professionally stream and record for future playback to maximise learning potential.



Distance Learning

Now more than ever, distance learning has become an integral part of schooling. Make sure your lessons are streamed professionally and recorded for future playback to maximise learning potential.


Capture all of the action, stream it live to people who cannot attend, play back the footage to analyse performance and just keep those magic moments for posterity.

Broadcasting and News

Inspire your students and give them a taste of the exciting world of AV. Introduce them to cameras, lighting, stating, directing, audio recording, streaming, switching and presenting.

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Immerse your audience in every scene with uncompromised visuals and even open the door to live streaming with our pro AV product range.


Live Venues


Strong audio and visuals help take your show to the next level. Immerse your audience in every scene with uncompromised visuals and even open the door to live streaming.

Live Halls

Live halls host shows and performances of all types, making a versatile video switching solution a key requirement. With a Roland AV switcher you can impress your audience with high-quality visuals, video recording and streaming should you or the performer need it.


With so many video inputs and outputs; LED walls, projectors, stage effects and confidence monitors, a professional AV switcher is an absolute must. We distribute Roland switchers that will easily handle productions of this size whilst offering you professional video streaming and recording.

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Popular Video Products

Below is a selection of our best-selling video products. Click through each product for more information in our online trade shop and contact us here if you have any technical questions or to discuss your upcoming requirements.



Live Streaming

We distribute the Roland VR-Series AV Switchers which are perfect for content creators streaming live presentations with a professional microphone. In addition, the GO:LIVECAST live streaming studio is ideal for streaming directly from a smartphone.


The Roland VR Series switchers let you build high quality mixes of your content with smooth AV transitions, effects between multiple sources and integrated audio, all through a single standalone unit.

Video Conferencing

Take away the technical issues and seamlessly transition between cameras, smart devices, computers and media players while recording and streaming your meeting.


Reach and impress a wider audience than ever before. Transition between your video inputs, add effects like Picture in Picture, Split Screen and Chroma Key, and stream and record your show.

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House of Worship

Worship Production

Rich production and visual elements are used in congregations to increase audience engagement all around the globe. Seamlessly transition between content from a variety of devices including cameras, computers, tablets, smartphones, media players and microphones, and even record it for later.


Reach a wider audience than ever before and open the doors to audiences that were previously inaccessible. Stream your service and congregations to members who aren’t in the room or want to join in from home.

Multi-Room Delivery

Houses of worship often need to send separate audio-visual signals to different locations at the same time. We sell a variety of Roland AV switchers that let you do this whilst controlling the feed of audio and video inputs, giving you the true flexibility you need.

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Single Operators

There was a time where it required a full team to effectively execute a full production for a live event. Not anymore! Roland switchers have helpful features to lighten your workload, including auto-mixing for your audio, extreme portability, USB 3.0 streaming / recording, intuitive hardware design and layout with physical buttons and faders.


Streaming for videographers is made easy thanks to Roland’s range of all-in-one AV switchers, designed to deliver impressive results straight out of the box, they include digital audio, multi-source switching and 3.0 USB encoding direct to your laptop.

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We are here to help.

Our friendly and supportive technical sales team are here to answer your questions on audio, lighting and video and lend assistance to your upcoming projects. Contact us today on 01525 850085 or email us on to discuss your requirements.

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