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We work closely with AV Hire Production companies, AV Installers and Retailers throughout the UK, fuelling their projects with the latest technology and products from the industry’s leading brands.

Our extensive choice of products means we can provide you with a professional solution for every specification and budget.

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Sound equipment for live events including music festivals, weddings, parties and corporate events.

Live Events

We distribute an extensive range of sound equipment for anything and everything live. We provide the full solution and our well-balanced blend of professional audio brands means that we’ll always have a solution that meets your specification and budget.

Active Loudspeakers  •  Passive Loudspeakers  •  Line-Arrays  •  Wireless PA  •  Analogue Mixers  •  Digital Mixers  •  Power Amplifiers  •  DSP  •  Vocal Mics  •  Dynamic Mics  •  Condenser Mics  •  Instrument Mics  •  Wireless Mic Systems  •  Wireless Monitoring  •  Headphones and Headsets  •  Sound Processing  •  Stage Boxes  •  Networking  •  Splitters  •  Phantom Power  •  Mic Pre-Amps  •  Graphic Equalisers  •  Crossovers  •  Delays  •  Effects  •  Media Players  •  Power Conditioners  •  Personal Monitoring  •  Stage Monitoring  •  Communication Tools  •  Audio Interfaces  •  Audio Tools

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We are AV distributors for AV installation, including background audio, zoned audio solutions, Outdoor Audio, Marine-Grade Audio and much more.

AV Installation

We are AV distributors with extensive stock holding and technical expertise across our vast portfolio of industry leading audio brands. We help our AV integration and installer customers specify the perfect solution for all of their clients in both corporate and leisure.

Background Audio  •  Zoned Audio Solutions  •  100v Line  •  EN54  •  Voice Evacuation  •  Installation Loudspeakers  •  Ceiling Loudspeakers  •  Installation Subwoofers  •  Outdoor Audio  •  IP Rated Audio  •  Marine-Grade Audio  •  Discreet Audio Solutions  •  Sound Projection  •  Conferencing Systems  •  Paging Systems  •  Power Amplification  •  Decentralised Solutions  •  Boundary Microphones  •  Gooseneck Microphones  •  Lecterns  •  DSP  •  Media Inputs  •  Assisted Listening  •  Hearing Loop Systems  •  AVoIP  •  AoIP  •  Wireless System Management  •  Dante

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AV distributers for studio and recording, professional audio recording, mixing and playback audio products for studios of all sizes

Studio & Recording

We distribute a number of professional audio recording, mixing and playback audio equipment for studios of all sizes.

Music Recording  •  Studio Microphones  •  Condenser Microphones  •  Dynamic Microphones  •  Instrument Microphones  •  Ribbon Microphones  •  Valve Condenser Microphones  •  Phantom Power Units  •  Audio Recorders  •  Audio Interfaces  •  Audio Tools  •  DI Boxes  •  Media Players / Inputs  •  Personal Listening Systems  •  Analogue Mixers  •  Digital Mixers  •  Monitor Speakers  •  In-Ear Monitoring

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We sell a solid range of professional audio equipment for broadcasting; recording, mixing and monitoring audio solutions for live streaming, Audio for AV, mobile recording, interviewing, radio and TV.


We sell a solid range of professional audio equipment suited to recording, mixing and monitoring audio for broadcast,  live streaming, audio for AV, mobile recording, interviewing, radio and TV.

Shotgun Microphones  •  Lavalier Microphones  •  Reporter Microphones  •  Camera Wireless Microphone Systems  •  Headphones and Headsets  •  Mobile Recorders

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